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do not text during driving

This campaign makes people aware how hard it is to focus on two different things when driving. By combining two sentences in different colours you are getting confused. These are the sentences in case you are having a hard time reading it on the sign :-)

You’re four times more likely to have a road accident when you’re on a mobile phone
It’s hard to concentrate on two things at the same time

The message ‘think – switch it off when you drive’ is brilliantly promoted. I think this marketing campaign can create awareness. 

don't drink and drive - creative bottle marketing

Don’t Drink and Drive
This is a non profit marketing campaign to make people aware that drinking alcohol and driving can not be combined. You see a bottle cap with a car on top. When you open the bottle the cap will dent. On the inside of the bottle you see the message: don’t drink and drive. This is a very creative campaign because all the aspects of the message are in it.  You are planning to drink when you open the bottle, you see the car that is dent after opening and the message is found on the back.