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Allianz is an insurance company. Dental insurance is a difficult product to market because it is a necessary evil. You rather not think about it. Allianz used humor to inform their potential customers about the Allianz dental insurance. When people have bought a train ticket whit out a date they use a machine to  put a date on the ticket. When you put your ticket in the machine it looks like the guy is biting in the ticket.
Never stop biting.

Dental Insurance at a bowling club
Creative marketing for dental insurance. This insurance company is  making use of the pins and create the idea that they are teeth. You are throwing the teeth out of the mouth. This is a funny way to show the people at the bowling club that dental insurance can be a good way to take better care of your teeth. The surrounding is used for another goal what makes it stand out. People will definitely talk about the ad in this bowling club.