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billboard marketing - tailgating isn't worth it

This creative billboard is showing a car that is crashed into a truck. The billboard has also a 3d look because of the crash. Because it is not a normal billboard people will notice it. When more people are checking out this marketing campaign more people will be more careful.

Ad for water that is using an other billboard

This billboard is using an other billboard to promote mineral water. The girl in the above billboard is drinking with a straw out of the bottle of water. This attracts attention. Most people do not remember every billboard they see, or check out every billboard they see. At this way you will look a second time and the chance you will remember the brand becomes bigger. Creative marketing will create a higher brand awareness and in the end more sales.

Nikon flashing billboard
Nikon is using a responsive billboard. When you walking by you are feeling like a famous person because the cameras start flashing. There is a red carpet to create the idea that you are a movie star on your way to a premiere of you new movie. When you setting up this kind of marketing campaign you must be aware that there are people who do not appreciate these flashing lights. For this campaign the location of the billboard is very important. What kind of people are walking by? How many people? etc.