daihatsu - picks up five times more women than a lamborghini

Daihatsu has made a very funny ad. With the slogan ‘picks up five times more women than a Lamborghini’ and a picture of the small van full of happy people it becomes a likeable brand. People smile when they see this ad.When people get a positive feeling when they see your brand it is a first step towards a sale.

fiat marketing - window airplane

Fiat uses the window of an airplane to promote their car with an open roof. When you open the hatch of the window you are opening the roof of the car drawn on the inside of the plane. In a plane people are sitting in te same spot for a long time. This makes it perfect for marketing campaigns. When you are sitting next to this window there is a big chance you will read the ad. When it is an creative ad like the fiat campaign the chance you will remember the message is big.

ford marketing matchbox

Ford is using a matchbox to promote their extended cargo bed. When you open the matchbox the cargo bed will become larger as shown in the picture. It looks like the ford is transporting wood because of the wooden matches. A matchbox is an interesting tool to send your message to your public. When you can create a campaign with an extra function related to your product when you open the box people will remember.