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ford marketing matchbox

Ford is using a matchbox to promote their extended cargo bed. When you open the matchbox the cargo bed will become larger as shown in the picture. It looks like the ford is transporting wood because of the wooden matches. A matchbox is an interesting tool to send your message to your public. When you can create a campaign with an extra function related to your product when you open the box people will remember.

elevator guantanome detainees

In this guerrilla marketing ad you can see a detainee of Guantanamo trying to open the door of an elevator. On the other side of the door of the elevator you can see the fingers of the detainee.

The message: ‘More than 90% of Guantanamo detainees are held without charge and in extreme isolation’ Help stop the abuse

The small space of the elevator is uses as the small cell the detainee is in. The doors are used to express the desperation of the man in prison. It is a strong image and it certainly grabs the attention when you are in the elevator. The location of the campaign is good. People are waiting in an elevator and they have the time to read the message.