All posts for the month September, 2014

Visa Subway Metro

Visa uses the speed of a metro to show how easy it is to pay with a Credit Card. Very smart marketing. It is in a public area where a lot of people are confronted with the ad and Visa uses the surrounding at it best. This kind of marketing campaigns make people smile and remember. Pleas let us know what you think.

Smart small billboard

Smart has a lot of creative marketing campaigns. This is a funny billboard ad where a small smart billboard is put in between 2 big car billboards. It shows brilliantly what the unique selling point of a smart is. It Fits Everywhere. The billboard is only hard to spot :-)

MC Donalds - Free Coffee Ad
On this billboard MC Donalds shows how much free coffee there is left. Free Coffee From 20th April until 3th of May. When it is May the 3th the billboard will be empty. This is a smart way to attract people to the Fast Food restaurant and make the short term of the campaign visible. I have to go now because they are almost out of coffee.