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The challenge was to create a campagin that targets Taiba Hospital (kuwait) patients (women) to encourage them to have their breasts checked. Breast cancer is a sensitive subject in Kuwait so the message had to be subtle and light.

The marketing team decided ot draw a parallel between the bumps fel ton the breasts and the bumps on the street. Using the road sign that is usually placed close to bumps to warn against them. The sign was placed after the bump and displayed a message wich urges women to have their breasts checked.  The sign was places after the bump next to the hospitals private road. The mesaage targeted women as they were heading to the hospitals reminiding them of the importance and urgency of having their breasts checked.

The results the number increased from 60 to 200 woman per month who had their breasts checked.

The Economist is a newspaper about world news, politics, science, economics and business. The Economist claims to be a newspaper with high quality journalism and articles that give you new ideas about the subjects they are writing about. The light bulb on this billboard is starting to shine when you are walking under it. By reading the economist you will have brilliant ideas and insights.

Zwilling Henckels is a kitchen knife brand.  Zwilling wants to convince their future customers that the Zwilling Henckels knives are very sharp. Because of the shape of the lamppost is looks like it is cutting throught the lamppost. This is creative guerilla marketing.

The car brand Ford is introducing their new 4 wheel drive by showing of. The Ford 4 wheel drive on the billboard is lifting up some heavy bricks. It looks pretty scary and real and a lot of people are checking out the billboard. This is a good example how to make a 2d billboard in to a 3d guerilla marketing ad.

The day after tomorrow is a Hollywood blockbuster. In this movie the world is about to end. This billboard is put in the ocean to show you how the world will look when everything is flooded. It looks very strange when you walk by. You will not forget this billboard and the movie and that is good marketing!